Keywords: Water quality, IS: 3025, pH, hardness, total suspended solids, alkalinity, total dissolved solids.

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The present study is the water quality analysis of HSIIDC industrial area Kundli, Sonipat and their surrounding areas which includes tests for various physico-chemical parameters like Temperature, pH value, Total solids, Total suspended solids, Total dissolved solids and Total fixed solids, Total volatile solids, Total hardness, Alkalinity, Water quality index and Correlation coefficient matrix. Kundli is one of the most important industrial complexes in the state of Haryana
which has Integrated Steel Plant, a number of sponge iron industries, automobile, chemicals, explosives, ceramics and distillery units and large number of small and medium industries. A water quality standard is a rule or law comprised of the uses to be made of a water body or segment and the water quality criteria necessary to protect that uses. In our study 20 samples were collected from Kundli and their surrounding areas. Out of 20 samples 10 samples found within permissible limit, 10 samples found out of permissible limit set by WHO, BIS, IS 10500. The water is badly affected may be due to disposal of industrial wastes into ground, open land areas and water bodies. In the light of this analysis we can conclude  that these water samples require some treatment before their use for drinking purpose. Such poor quality of water reasoned severe waterborne diseases like diarrhea, cholera etc.



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