Call for paper

  RAJAR CALL FOR PAPER: VOLUME 04 ISSUE 11 (November 2018)

  IJMEI CALL FOR PAPER: VOLUME 04 ISSUE 11 (November 2018)

Published By: Research and Analysis Journals

Volume Number: 04 Frequency: 12 issues per year

Last Date of Submission for August Issue: 27 November 2018

Last Date of Issue Publication : 30 November 2018


Call for Paper

Dear Researcher And Colleagues,

Research and Analysis Journals invites Scholars and Practitioners of Various discipline to submit empirical or Theoretical Papers, Research Articles and Case Studies. The work must be original and not have been presented or submitted for presentation at any other conference or journals. Only those papers/articles/case study that are submitted as complete, reach the editor in due format with complete copyright form will be published. Authors will be requested to provide nonexclusive

copyrights of their paper/article/case studies to ensure consideration for such publication. Submissions can be made in any of the below mentioned colloquium streams

1.    RA Journal of Applied Research ISSN: 2394-6709

2.  International Journal of Management and Economics Invention ISSN: 2395-7220

 Submit your article at or Online Submission


With Warm Regards

Research & Analysis Journals