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Performance Analysis of Isolated Hybrid System Model on Dynamic Load State (Pre-Generator, Generator and Post-Generator)

Rina Irawati, S.T., M.T.1, Ryan Adilardi Prakoso, S.T.2

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 Author's Affiliations

1Research & Development Center for Electricity, New and Renewable Energy, and Energy Conservation Technology, Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources Republic of Indonesia

Jl. Ciledug Raya Kav. 109, Phone. (6221)7203530, Cipulir Keb. Lama, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

2Tropical Renewable Energy Research Center, Technical Faculty, University of Indonesia, Depok, Jawa Barat, Indonesia



A Hybrid Power Plant Diesel Generator with Renewable Energy Resources Power Plant is one of the solutions for supply electric demand to isolated area. The energy sources that can be used for hybrid system are such as photovoltaic, wind, and biomass or biogas, because these sources are almost available in every isolated area. This research used a model of hybrid system from diesel generator and 1.5 kWp photovoltaic power plants. The reliability and some of power quality issues of this system tested by 1300VA house hold daily load characteristic effectively 24 hour. Power quality and some electricity parameters during transition mode will be analyze. Furthermore the power quality analyze will be conducted and evaluated base on Electrical Engineers’ Association (EEA).