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Exploring Customers’ Opinion on Improving the Security of Mobile Banking in Sri Lanka

Wijenanda D. A. K.1, Sellappan Palaniappan2

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1,2Malaysian University of Science and Technology, Malaysia



Mobile banking is usually carried out using mobile phones. The applications are installed in the phones based on the bank’s requirements. They allow customers to carry out banking transactions on their mobile phones with much ease. Such transactions include transfer of money from account owner to any other account, checking of account balances and so on. Because of the convenience involved, customers need to secure much confidence in the apps to encourage them use it appropriately. A paper published by Wijenanda and Sellappan (2018) presented an architecture that described the security checks process for improving the authentication of mobile applications for mobile banking in a bank in Sri Lanka. Another paper was later published by Wijenanda and Sellappan (2018) presents actual system model that features the security patterns in authentication of mobile applications. It captures face and voice recognition in the authentication requirements.  This paper explores the opinion of banks’ customers in Sri Lanka. Their experiences with the app and opinion on the need to improve the strength of authentication in mobile banking.