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Lifestyle Behaviours, Among University Students in Nigeria by Gender and Ethnicity

Ezenna Micheal Agwu1, Mark De Ste Croix2, Slyvanus, Nuria Nwachukwu3

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1Department of Public Health, Mother Teresa Public Health Research Centre, Aba , Nigeria

2Department of sports Physiology, Faculty of Applied Sciences, university of Gloucestershire, Glouceter, United Kingdom

3Department of Public Health, Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences, University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria



Introduction: Previous studies on students’ health have suggested the need for exploring the ethnic and gender differences of health status and lifestyle behaviours. There is enough evidence in other populations study to show that lifestyles predict health status. However, the current study is the first to examine lifestyle behaviours by gender and ethnicity among university students in Nigeria. Method: the study was cross-sectional. Full time students were recruited from six universities within three ethnic groups in Nigeria. Data collection was by questionnaire and 1549 responses were valid. Result: With regard to unhealthy lifestyles such as drug use and smoking, students from Hausa ethnic groups reported higher than others. On the other hand, students from Igbo ethnic group reported better than other groups with regard to healthy lifestyles such as fruit consumption.. Conclusion: The result indicated that healthy lifestyle is a better rating of health.