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Managerial Competence in a Private Hospital

Fitrina Noor Fathayati Putri 1, Qurratul Aini 2

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1,2Master of Hospital Management, Post Graduate Program, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta




Manager has an important role in the hospital because it directly related to the policy, system, procedure and climate of the organization. The manager’s success in managing the hospital is influenced by his competency and commitment because the hospital is a complex organization and difficult to be maintained. This study aims to assess the competency level of a manager, the typical needs of a hospital, the differences of level and competency needs and solutions to overcome the competency gap in a private hospital of Kulon Progo. This was an descriptive study with the quantitative and qualitative approaches. The primary data are obtained through the questionnaire and interview. The competency difference test is conducted with Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test. Most of the managers’ competencies are at the level of competence. The whole competency area is in the stage of important needs. The significant differences are in the whole competency area, except communication and information competency, and integrity and honesty competency. Those differences show that the managers’ competencies have not met the hospital’s competency requirements. It needs the management training which is in accordance with the target participant and includes all the hospital’s managers.