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A Survey for Exploring the Possibility of Using Mobile Application’s Tourist’s Guide in Sri Lanka

K.S. Janaka kodippili1 , Sellappan Palaniappan2

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1,2Malaysian University of Science and Technology, Malaysia




Mobile application-supported tourism services have made it easier for travellers to plan and manage their trip. Smart tourism technological limitations for tourist attraction requires research. These includes decision support in the context of tourists' information processing. This study presents an exploratory study for the possibility of applying rendering based augmented reality mobile application in Sri Lanka. A such, the tourism industry in Sri Lank would improve in terms of convenience in providing information to tourist as much as possible.A questionnaire is designed and administered to potential customers; stake holders and tourists, who experience tourism in Sri Lanka. The significance level of the data at 0.001 and 0.05 levels and their corresponding star correlations are discussed. The result of the major question, E1 will be used to further support the possibility that mobile application in terms of application of rendering-based augmented reality. Based on the analysis results via spss, 2-tailed tests showed that the target variables are well related. More so, more people suggests that an updated mobile application is recommended for providing tourists with tourism guide conveniently.