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Plaster for Interior Walls Stabilized with Ixtle Fiber

Yolanda Aranda-Jiménez1, Edgardo Suarez-Dominguez2, Carlos A. Fuentes-Perez3

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There is a worldwide trend of using natural materials with a minimal carbon footprint and environmental impact; Thus, in 2009 it was declared the international year of natural fibers. This concern permeates the construction industry which is one of the most polluted, since the materials it uses emit large amounts of CO2 into the environment, such as steel and cement. It is said that for every ton produced, one ton of CO2 is emitted into the environment. In the present investigation, a coating stabilized with lime, natural saps and fiber of ixtle, extracted from the Agave lechuguilla Torrey, was developed. Both the plant and the fiber to which several physical and chemical tests were made were characterized; resulting in the size of 3 cm in the length of the fibers used in the mixtures which allowed greater adherence and less cracking.