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Methodology for Tracing a Coastal Flood Risk Card in the Coastal Area of Hammam Lif

Abir Baklouti1, Zied Rekhiss2, Mohamed Bejaoui3, Samir Medhioub4, Chokri Yaich5

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Introduction : Hammam lif is a Tunisian coastal area threatened by the flooding for years, it underwent exceptional meteorological events which are manifested in 4 major storms 1931, 1981,2003 and 2012.
From the study of the anthropogenic and natural damage resulting from each storm, one can deduce the parameters generating the flood in Hammam Lif and generally in each coastal zone threatened by the risk of flooding.

The parameters are: rainfall, wave run-up, urbanization and infrastructure. How to highlight the generating parameters of the coastal flood with the aim of mapping a map with detailed flood risk areas that will serve as a flood risk prevention plan for the Hammam Lif area ? and what census methods and tools to use ?