Lupeol: an Ubiquitous Compound for Multiple Ailments

Mirunalini  Sankaran1 , Jayasri.G2

 DOI :

ABSTRACT: Natural product and herbal remedies used in traditional folklore medicine have been the source of many medically beneficial drugs because they elicit fewer side effect.Lupeol is a natural products have been used as remedies to treat human diseases.It is a found in white cabbage, green pepper, strawberry, olive, mangoes and grapes. It is exhibits an array of biological activities like anticancer, antiprotozoal and cancer chemopreventive in vitro system. Last 15 years have seen tremendous efforts by researchers worldwide to develop this wonderful molecule for its clinical use for the treatment variety of disorder. It have been found to be pharmacological interaver this review highlight.indetail the therapeutic effect of Lupeol for various ailments.