Review for Scheduling Algorithms on a Fab Manufacturing System with Special Characteristics Called As Re-Entrant Flows

Seong-Woo Choi

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Author's Affiliations

Department of Business Administration, Kyonggi University



Scheduling is very important issue in manufacturing systems such as large-scale complex manufacturing system. Especially, in semiconductor manufacturing system, the complexity of scheduling is very high since there are various constraints such as re-entrant flows, limited waiting time, equipment dedication and so on. There are many researches for scheduling algorithms or dispatching rules on the semiconductor manufacturing systems, however, there are few researches for the scheduling algorithms considering the above special characteristics such as re-entrant flows of lots, limited waiting time of lots, equipment dedication for operations of photolithography and so on. In this paper, we focus on and review the previous scheduling algorithms or dispatching rules for the re-entrant flowshops of various types in a semiconductor manufacturing system, and suggest the needed future research areas for the scheduling problems with special constraints in a semiconductor manufacturing system.