Managing Political Behaviour in Strategy Implementation

Continue Anddison Eketu1 (Ph. D, MTAMN, FICA), Wilson Ofoegbu Chukwuemeka2

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Author's Affiliations

1,2Department of Management, University Of Port Harcourt



This paper examined the intricate challenge of managing political behavior in strategy implementation. The paper identified the management of political behavior as the most determinative factor in strategy implementation process. It contended that among the three content elements; people, technology and process, the people element of organization is by no comparison to the other the most volatile and reactive to organizations decisions. The paper thus, contended that analysis of organizational stakeholders is very necessary to outline the potential interests and power in the political tussle. Also, the assessment of change agents power is also necessary to understand their wit. The paper therefore, implore the use of negotiation and lobbying to win critical stakeholders who are influential. The use of transactionary leadership approach is also suggested as an effective way of managing political behavior.