How Can Yoga Service Providers Link up United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) for Sustainable Development from Management Perspective?

Shirley Mo Ching YEUNG

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Director, College Development/ Head, Department of Business, Gratia Christian College (GCC), HK



Emergence of business usually goes along with demographics change of a country and new demands of customers. Demand chain and supply chain management of product/ service are unique for different newly emerged industries under globalization and technological advancement in a society. Educators and industry practitioners need to be aware of these changes to catch up with new skills development and new job creation for sustainable development. In order to understand the new skills development and new job creation, this paper is to explore the key elements of yoga business in the past 18 years through literature search. 17 relevant journal papers related to yoga business (1998-2016) have been selected and analyzed with N’vivo software. Based on qualitative analysis on papers and quantitative analysis of focus group survey, three major constructs are found – Inputs of moral development, quality of education, commitment of procedures to address the rights of customers; details on product / service information; regulations compliance; risk assessment; and innovations; Process of services; and Outputs of sustainable development, decent job creation, peace of mind and social impacts. And, UNSDGs 3, 4, 8, 9 and 12 are a good reference to help yoga service providers to make their business sustainable. This paper is of practical value in terms of understanding the key elements for sustainable yoga business through re-visiting the ways of educating employees, ways of creating or making use of innovations and ways of measuring improvement in health conditions. This brings insights to industry practitioners, investors, educators and policy makers.