Patterns of Development in the Emerging Markets of China, South Korea, and Vietnam

Derek Braun1 , Robert Kao2 (Ph.D.)

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The purpose of this study is to examine the sources of stimulation that have influenced growth in some emerging markets in the past few decades. China, South Korea and Vietnam are selected because each of the three countries are currently in different phases of the development process. The research utilizes economic data and are analyzed by using descriptive statistical methods. The analyses are used to identify and measure political and social reforms that have either had positive or negative influences on the growth of the economies. A regression analysis was then conducted in order to observe the significance of each variable that was studied. The analysis revealed that increases in urban population, manufacturing value added and total exports had the most significant changes to the economy of each country; however, there are also noticeable spikes in each nation’s GDP following major political reforms, particular those that emphasize trade liberalization and globalization