Implementation of the Architectural Level of an Integrated Web-Based E-Commerce Management System

D.P. Mazoha1, O.I. Pursky2, O.A. Kharchenko3

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The work has developed mechanisms for implementing the architectural level of the integrated Web-based e-commerce management system. The architectural organization of information systems of the enterprise management loop is implemented on the basis of SOA and ESB technologies. To integrate the information systems of the management loop of web-showcases was implemented the MVC method and ASP.NET MVC Framework technology. Presented the scheme for organizing the interaction of subjects of e-commerce in the framework of the functioning of the Web-system. Modern software is chosen as a means for software implementation of the Web-system: MSSQL, ASP.NET MVC Framework, ADO.NET Entity Framework, MS IIS 7.0 and software programming language C#.