The PUCEM Community and its Binding Impact in the Province of Manabí

Analuisa Iván1, Rodriguez Olga2

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The relationship with the community strengthens the relationship of social, cultural and ecological support for university students. The aim of the study is to present the results obtained in community-linking projects, described as the university's response to the challenges presented in the country to carry out binding collaborative activities for the purpose of exploring attitudes and skills, based on the questionnaire of community support received, in addition to the relationship and community support with various actors and psychosocial indicators, discusses the implications of the results in the analysis of community support both individually and community, and number of projects presented, with a qualitative, descriptive and non-experimental analysis, working with the entire population. In a way of permanent extension services to society, articulating academia - research - community, thus reaching the most unprotected populations of the cities and surrounding cantons. The indicators evaluated show a successful evolution of community projects, motivating the improvement and expansion of the services provided by our students, professional teachers in the different careers, strengthening the identity, traditions and training support in the province of Manabí.