Foreign Direct Investment & Multi – Brand Retail Trading An Economic Situation At Present In India

Mr krishna kumar

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Foreign direct investment (FDI) is a basic inflow of outsource funds to India for investing profitability venture or project. The government changes the policy on time to time relating to FDI in India as a part of economic policy. A wise policy paves a way for economic development and investment opportunities to foreigners in different sectors of the economy. The fruits of this policy were enjoyed by different types of Indians directly or indirectly in big way. Now a days, the new announcement made by the government for the investment of funds in multi- brand retail trading. This is one of the advantages areas of investment called by the government to bring all retail products under one roof system. This policy attract the outsiders with an investment opportunities of 51% .It provide various benefits to Indian farmers, consumers, micro small enterprises, small retailers, rural youths etc.